Sigmoid Series – 3D Printer Control Units

Say hello to the world´s first 3D-Printer Control Unit based on the all new Raspberry Pi 4 Compute Module. Named after the sigmoid function, which lies at the heart of todays KI systems and artificial neural networks, the first member of the Sigmoid Series of 3D printer control units, the Sigmoid S7P, connects the two baselines of 3D printing control systems. A realtime capable low-level system for motion control and a high-level OS based system for management and HMI. Just like it´s mathematical counterpart.

Sigmoid S7P – Features

The S7P unites the very best of two worlds on a single PCB. Combining the renowned at battle-tested Raspberry Pi4 in its new Compute Module form-factor with a state of the art 32Bit realtime microcontroller gives you the most convenient way to operate your 3D-Printer.

With extensive software support for commonly used 3D-printer control software like Marlin 2.0, Klipper, OctoPrint, Repetier Host and many more, the Sigmoid S7P is the one stop shop for a fully integrated 3D printer control unit.


  • 7x TMC2209 Stepper Drivers
  • 4x Thermistor Channels
  • 6x Generic Power Switches
  • 3x PWM & Tacho connectors for 4-pin Fans
  • 2x Heating Cartidrige Channels
  • 500W Power Switch for Heated Beds
  • Potential-free contact with NO and NC contacts
  • Emergency Stop circuit


  • 4K HDMI Display Connector
  • 4 USB-Ports
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • 2 MicroSD Slots
  • 2 CSI Interfaces
  • Direct Interconnect between Raspberry Pi and Realtime MCU
  • CAN-FD

Computing & Safety

  • Independent Emergency-Shutdown
  • Fused Power Switches
  • ARM Cortex A-72 Quadcore CPU
  • 32Bit Realtime MCU
  • Octoprint Support
  • Marlin2.0 Support
  • Klipper Support

Sigmoid S7P – Impressions

Supported Projects

Runs perfectly on Raspberry Pi 4
Fully Supported
RepRap Firmware – Full Hardware Support
Full Software Support
Runs perfectly on the Raspberry Pi 4

Runs perfectly on the Raspberry Pi 4
Optimized hardware setup to fully support the Voron 2 kinematics

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